Times New Roman is an indie duo formed by Ann Gray (16) and Viv Golpira (15), two cousins based in Virginia and Delaware. Despite the physical distance between them, AG and Viv have remained close friends all throughout their lives. Both discovered the ukulele around the age of 11, and began learning covers and harmonizing together. During the summer of 2020 they penned their first collaborative song, “Rich Girl”, which would become the first single from their debut EP, Calibri, produced by Skye Zentz. During Covid, Ann Gray and Viv organized and performed a series of virtual livestreams known as the Golpira Jams, taking place from the award winning, coveted Studio B (AKA Viv’s bathroom). They began busking around Hampton Roads, and even appeared in the WHRO’s artist spotlight series,“Curate.” Times New Roman's songs capture a blend of indie and pop to highlight their unique and versatile voices. They tell various stories of youth and its resulting nostalgia, the push and pull of growing up, and wrestling the unique challenges of becoming teenagers in the 21st century. Their debut EP, Calibri, was released on all streaming platforms in October of 2022 .