Times New Roman's debut EP, Calibri, released on all streaming platforms on October 28th. 

Produced by Skye Zentz, the EP was partially recorded live in the summer of 2021, capturing the effervescent and organic harmonies of the duo, which the team later infused with extra layers, adding bass, bells, keys and synth to bring the world to life. 

Calibri blends youthful whimsy with old soul wisdom. It is a tender triumph of heartache and tenacity, and what great things may bloom from the combination of the two. 

"Dangerous Game" released on Friday September 9th on all streaming platforms. 

Times New Roman, on "Dangerous Game": We wrote dangerous game with the intent of creating a dark, almost ominous character as the protagonist, and having the piece tell some sort of fable. When we sat down writing, Viv mentioned a line that had been marinating in their mind for a while, “a demon and an angel walk into a bar.”  On the drive down to visit them, I had also been reading a bunch of newspaper articles about the wealthy 1%, and how often they abuse power. And so, as we often do, we started playing around with the idea."


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